You’ve got a friend in me…(I’m getting a puppy!)

Six, almost seven years ago, my brother Patrick brought me home the best present ever: my little Lola. Lola is a yorkie and is the best dog in the entire world. My boyfriend doesn’t get my obsession with Lola. He, along with many other people I’m sure, thinks I’m weird for saying Lola is a baby in a dog suit. She is just so damn cute & is consistently happy to see me no matter what. It never fails Lola is waiting for me at her gate, screeching and crying, as soon as she hears my tires in the gravel outside, just waiting for a hug. So what is better than one Lola?…….TWO LOLAS!

A new bee at The Beehive, Dan, has a group of friends that own a nonprofit pet rescue in Port Jefferson called Save-A-Pet. They recently received two yorkies, one male, one female, whose owners passed away. I decided that I am going to adopt the girl puppy who is only 6 months old and weights 4 pounds. Tomorrow I get to bring home my new puppy! I can’t wait to post some pictures!

Got any tips for training a puppy? Tips for introducing a new dog to an older dog? Email me!


Lola & her hipster hat
Sunbathing with a penguin.
The next "Airbud"
Surfing the web.
Natural beauty.




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