Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it…

I’ve never been good at managing my money…or saving any of it. Because I never have money, I always have to look for a bargain. Makeup, unfortunately, is usually where I have to make the most sacrifice. If I walked into Sephora I could easily play for hours and throw down thousands of dollars in minutes….a girl can dream. However, I don’t have the means for this kind of play date so instead I spend my minutes browsing one isle at CVS. Bleh. Although I’d much prefer Sephora, CVS has had some good products for me to temporarily use until I win the lottery. Here’s my “Top Ten Under $10” bargain purchases that seem much richer than the price tag suggests…


1.) Rimmel Volume Max Bold Curves, $7.49… Always go to Rimmel for mascara! I will never spend $20+ again on mascara after using this baby! I always get compliments on my lashes…never clumps, always separates, and makes them look a mile long.


2.) Almay Intense I-Color Trio, $7.99…I love getting this to play up my baby blues. The pigments in these shadows are long lasting and rich.


3.) L’Oreal Eye Shadow Base, $8.99…This is great to prep for eye shadow & prevent from a crease forming.


4.) Maybelline Brush-On Color, $5.79…I always use this to fill in my brows, especially when they need to be waxed this is a little forgiving & keeps them neater looking.


5.) Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Self Sharpening Eye Pencil, $6.49…The best eye pencil ever!


6.) Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick, $7.99…In the perfect shade of red when I’m feeling bold.

Sally Hansen

7.) Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Plumping treatment, $6.99…Stings at first *a tiny bit* but the difference is sooo noticeable!


8.) CVS Cleansing & Makeup Removing Towelettes, $2.99…Because getting eye makeup off is always difficult.


9.) Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil, $7.49…like buttah!


10.) Jergens Natural Glow Sheer Daily Foaming Moisturizer, $8.99…for an instant glow.

All ten products are definitely worth trying out! Enjoy!


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