A Guest Post: Wedding, Prom Hair Styles & Hair MAGIC!

Good news! I have decided to open my blog up to Jeanine Longo, my boss, who is also the owner of The Beehive Salon Islip, to post blog entries pertaining to new styles and the latest in hair news. I hope all you readers enjoy the new addition!

Guest Blog – Queen Bee, Owner Beehive Salon Islip

Who wants great hair on their wedding and prom….everyone that is getting married and going to the prom I would imagine!  I have always been inspired by what’s new, different, unique and of course flattering in hair.  I look at every magazine I can get my hands on from Italian Vogue to Teen Vogue and everything in between.  One thing that strikes me is that with ALL of the incredible looks and styles that can be created for each and every person attending a special event is that so many of the styles end up looking very much the same (think curling iron and sweet sixteen).  Boo!  The possibilities are endless- really! With the tricks that we hairdressers have up our sleeves to stay ahead of the curve ensure that their is  nothing we can’t do with your locks.  I say tricks, because tricks are what we use to make hair magic happen. I do not intend on giving up all the tricks that I have up my sleeve but, ok here’s one that I am sure most of you already know about… I’m talkin’  hair extensions!  Hair extensions have come A LONG WAY!  Many people are wearing them and you probably don’t even know it! You just think DAMN I wish I had hair like that. Well….you certainly can!  Stylists use them to create uber long looks (think Guinavere, romantic, earthy styles)  to build height, and volume to those not blessed with tons of hair and also to add COLOR! Ok,  so you don’t have to wear hot pink hair for your wedding (but you certainly could and it would rock!) but you can add what I refer to as “twinkle-color”. Colors that build the illusion of volume and depth and overall gorgeousness when weaved into the color(s) already working in your head. There are also feather extensions (think Steven Tyler- love him), and sparkle extensions (the basketball team owning, cool chick from Housewives of  Orange County wore them last season and I personally LOVED the look!  Well  I could go on and on but I have to go look at the new pile of magazines that will inspire me to create beautfiul show stopping hair! Thank you Lord for helping me find my passion! Best Job EVER! If you want to talk hair…come and see me at my new digs.  My team of stylists rocks! www.thebeehivesalon.com – *Bean


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