You got a friend in me…

SNOW DAY!!!! Somehow throughout my entire schooling I’ve always managed to get so many snow days. Through highschool, my mom thought I was doing some witchcraft voodoo or something because we literally got off with just one threat of a snow flake falling. I guess my principal didn’t like going to school as much as I didn’t. Thanks Wally!

In order to prep. for our snow day (prep meaning just stay up really late) we decided to make cupcakes. Our choice of cupcake was: Chocolate cupcake with a chocolate/peanut butter filling and a peanut butter icing to top it off. Since Molly and I go “ape shit” (Brian’s reference) for cheetah print we incorporated it in the icing. For no reason at all we filmed our baking process. You could simply just follow the recipe I post below however it is much more fun to go along with our cheesy, inexpensively produced, flipcam, film. I can’t even bare to watch it, it makes me cringe seeing myself on film! Regardless, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh out of how deranged we seem….well, it was indeed pretty late for baking. Please go easy on us!

For the cupcakes & icing we grabbed a recipe from The Food Network which you can see here.

For the peanut butter & chocolate filling we grabbed a recipe from which you can see here.

To attract some more viewers of thedailysnip I will be introducing a new weekly segment. The new segment will be called “The World According to Par.” Par (a.k.a. “Pa” short for “Grandpa”) will be the host and will sum up the worlds current events. Par has a good grasp on the world because he sits at home and watches the news all day, therefore I believe he is best suited to be my host for my segment. This week it’s all about, you guessed it, SNOW! Enjoy and stay tuned for next weeks “The World According to Par.”

I’d also like to introduce my viewers to a great new blog that was just started up a few short weeks ago. This blog is called 2 losers: The Lives of an Ex-Athlete and A Failed Artist. Yes, I know, you’re wondering why you would want to read about either of those people’s lives but just give it a shot, it is actually pretty funny. For example, Editor in Chief, Rory Corcoran recently posted an article about a barber shop review. I enjoy his style of writing and I hope you also enjoy “2 losers.” Stay tuned for Big Pat’s guest blog on tip etiquette something everyone should be schooled in.

For today I have just about nothing planned. Heaven. I hope to start going through all my clothes because today would be a perfect day to start my Ebay closet. I reaaaally need money. Also, I will be doing a DIY for tomorrows post: Glitter shoes. It is really easy but we’ll see how it comes out. My friend Sarah also inspired Molly and I to start collaging so maybe we will get to that also. Hmm seems like my no plans just turned into some plans…plans that actually don’t count but will prevent me from being glued to the couch all day watching Degrassi or Teen Mom (daytime TV isn’t the greatest.) Well, enjoy your snow day!

This quote is dedicated to one of my newest readers, Sarah. I love you and miss you very much, you continue to always be an inspiration in my life.

“Though my soul may set in darkness; it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” – Sarah Williams, ‘An Old Astronomer to His Pupil.’

Another quote: I saw this today and I really loved it, it pretty much sums up what I was trying to say in my previous post, about counting your blessings instead of your hardships:

“If we threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we would take ours back.”


2 thoughts on “You got a friend in me…

  1. EEEK!! You made my 2011! That quote is so perfect, I will use it in my next collage. I’m so happy for you and know that you will gets lots of other new readers who will appreciate your thoughts as much as I do. You inspire me, too. Keep it up, mustachio 😉
    Love and miss you,

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