You are my sunshine

Today was lovely. Mom and I woke up and got on the train to NYC. I was so excited and proud to show my mom where I work. We grabbed some Starbucks then headed into color class. For mom’s color she is trying to go a little more blond. We used a few shades lighter than what she had already for just the roots then after washing the color out we combed bleach on throughout, concentrating on the back where it was darkest. We did this just to lighten it up a bit and get her on her way to being blonder again. I love how it came out and it complimented her cut I gave her last night so nicely. Once color class ended we got on the subway and headed downtown to the corner of Church and Cambers Street. What do you ask is here? Only the best pizza in all of New York…wait a sec…I mean all of the world. I absolutely love Dona Bella’s pizza. A family friend of ours, Rob, opened Dona Bella’s just about two years ago, naming it after his late wife whose favorite food was…pizza! It’s been such a huge success and he said he has his angel to thank for that! How big of a success has it really been? Well, Kim & Kourtney Kardashian recently visited and Kim claimed it to be the “best pizza she ever had!” You can watch in January when the episode premiers on “Kim and Kourtney Take New York.” Here are some pics:


Mom, before her cut (last night):

During the color process (with the salons Ad in this months Vogue):

Shannon & Joanna during blow dry class (Joanna’s one of my #1 readers! Hii, Joanna!)

Mom, navigating her way around an iPad the salon provides:

Michael Thomas giving Shannon some pointers:

YO GO GURL, Joanna rocking it out (notice creepy me in the mirror haha!):

The Kardashian’s serving up some pies at Dona Bella’s in Tribeca:


This evening I went over to a client’s home that my mom set me up with, Kelly. Kelly works with my mom at the hospital and is equally as funny as my momma. I cut Kelly’s hair only a few weeks ago and she had me cracking up the whole time. Kelly and her husband have three lovely children. All three of their beautiful kids are models! Big time models for Target, Kids R Us, United Colors of Benetton, etc. Well tonight I had the pleasure of cutting Kelly’s youngest son, Daniel’s hair, who is the young age of five! Daniel is getting ready for a photoshoot tomorrow for a print campaign so Kelly wanted him to look nice and fresh. Daniel’s hair was a few inches below his neck, beautiful, long, blonde curls! I was so scared to cut his hair! I ended up taking a few inches off and after not being scared anymore Kelly told me to go shorter, really short! Daniel looked like the cutest little surfer boy when we were done and he was so excited to have shorter hair! I have to say he was so well behaved the whole time, sitting still and being such a great listener! I cannot wait to post pictures, Kelly will be sending me some soon and I will also find some online from some Ad’s the kids have been in. Good luck tomorrow Daniel, I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the blue spike like you wanted but we’re getting closer!

I will also post proper pictures of mom’s after shots tomorrow once I take some! I’m working with my BlackBerry for all these pictures and would love a new camera to get this blog really going…..*HINT**CHRISTMAS IS IN 17 DAYS**HINT* OK, I think that was sufficient.


Some inspiration pictures for the day:


This quote is for my Molly, may you restore your joyful spirit everyday:

“Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away, all the time, knowing she has wings.” -Victor Hugo


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