We’re fated to pretend

So, I haven’t posted in awhile, it has been a busy few days and I’ve been away from my computer… Friday, after work, my mom met me at the train station and we went to Barrique for some dinner. We met up with Regina & John and some of their friends. I loveeee Barrique! It’s probably my favorite restaurant right now. Barrique serves “mini-meals” so we enjoyed a few different things like pizza, gorgonzola dip, and spaghetti. After dinner, Janine (finding my phocus) came over and we went into the village to meet up with Barbs, Chris, John, and Robby. We started at Mary Carrolls but it was filled with a bunch of 40+ year olds. Moving on, we made a quick stop at Horace and Sylvia’s…but it was filled with oldies, so our last stop was Post Office…which was filled with lameos… but we managed to have a good time together regardless. It’s hard not to have fun with them all together. Luckily, Connor was home for the weekend so John had him drive me back…Thanks for the ride buddy, I owe you a hair cut!

Saturday I woke up early and did Caitlin’s makeup for a wedding she was in as a bridesmaid. She looked beautiful and I can’t wait to see pictures from that day! After finishing Cait’s makeup I got on a train to NYC then on to Poughkeepsie. I was so tried and immediately fell asleep. No one woke me up until Penn Station so, I guess I got a free ride…even though I pay for a monthly, they never checked. Thanks Conductor man for letting me sleep those few extra seconds! Phew. After traveling an unnecessary 3 hours to Poughkeepsie I hopped in a car for 3.5 hours with Brian and his friends, Jeff, Lauren, and Ali, down to Atlantic City for our friend Pat’s 21st birthday celebration! Pat’s amazing, wonderful girlfriend Jeannie planned this extravagant surprise for Pat: Pat’s friends blindfolded him and carried him into the car, from there they never took the blindfold off and didn’t tell him where they were going, once arriving in AC they brought him to the strip and un-blindfolded him. I love it! 28 of us joined together for dinner at PF Chang’s and some gambling at the Tropicana. All together it was a great time. We got back to Marist around 2 and I stayed the extra night to be with Brian. I took Amtrak back to NYC today and it is always such a beautiful ride down the Hudson. I saw “Uncle” Rory on the train from Penn Station and it was nice to catch up with him for 15 minutes until I had to transfer at Jamaica.

Tonight I got to cut Mom’s hair, the shortest it has been in years! And after mom’s cut I got to cut my cousin Catie’s hair, the shortest it has ever been! Both cuts look great! I will post mom’s pictures tomorrow after we do her color and hopefully I will be able to get a picture of Catie’s “after shot.” Now Mom, Lola, and I are watching a Christmas time favorite movie, “Home Alone.” I was going to enjoy some of my chocolate peanut butter ice cream but to my dismay, someone, EKHEM MOM & DAD, ate it all while I was away. Here are some pictures from the past few days:

Oops, I wore my slippers as shoes. Comfyyy!

The birthday couple, born on the same day, a year apart, how adorrrable 🙂

The Hudson River line

“Uncle” Rory looking quite dapper after a job interview.


I spent a few minutes looking for inspiration today and these are some pictures that stood out to me:



Only 19 more days until Christmas Day! What’s on your wishlist?


Two quotes for today to make up for the lack of quotes over the weekend, enjoy!:

“So many of our problems arise because we always feel cut off from something we need. We do not feel whole and therefore turn expectantly toward other people for the qualities we imagine missing in ourselves. All of the problems of the world, from one person’s anxiety to warfare between nations, can be traced to this feeling of not being whole.”

“Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” – The Great Gatsby


2 thoughts on “We’re fated to pretend

  1. Post pictures of mom’s hair and of Catie’s hair! I would love to see how it came out!
    I can’t believe you saw Uncle Rory, either! He looks so handsome, as per usual.

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