Born like sisters to this world

I wasn’t expecting today to be a good day, however,  I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out so nicely.  Molly needed to pick up her transcripts from high school so I decided to go with her and visit some of my old teachers. We ended up spending about an hour and half in Sr. Peggy’s office catching up. It was really nice considering I used to spend the majority of my days in and out of her office, the nurses office, the bookstore, anywhere but class. Typical.

When we got home my friend Janine, findingmyphocus, came over and I colored her hair for her. Last Tuesday, Janine was my color model at the salon but we only got to do a single process since it was my first color class. Janine is not a fan of single process, because she is much more fun than that. Janine wanted fuscia and purple streaks. YESSSS! At the salon we used Wella Color Touch 6/71 and 5/0 for the base, then pulled 6/0 through the ends. Today, I did bleach slices up to the occipital bone, and a section through her fringe. We used ‘hot hot pink’ and ‘purple haze’ for the fun colors…I’m forgetting the brand name now…

The process took me awhile because it was my first creative color but the results are awesome. After coloring, I gave Janine a long over due haircut. I didn’t have time to blow dry her because we were leaving to get our Christmas tree, but she was kind enough to take some pictures of her hair finished when she got home. Thanks for being my guinea pig J9, and for staying for a family dinner! Here are some pictures:

Janine = before

Applying the base color (last Tuesday)

Learning how to blowdry

Oooh foil work, niceeee


Fringe section

Oooh sudsy, very niiiice

Janine = after

Ohh yah, funky, yahh


So, like I said, after finishing Janine’s hair cut and color, she joined us for a lovely dinner cooked by my mom. I love home cooked meals. After dinner Mom, Dad, Molly and I went to pick out our Christmas tree, we wanted to do it so early because Molly is home and will be leaving again for school tomorrow. Sigh *please don’t leave.* We drove to the place, parked, saw the first tree, and SOLD! Yes, surprisingly that easy. The first tree we saw was the perfect size and shape. The employee didn’t even have enough time to walk over to us before we even decided! Bada bing, bada boom. We thought the worker was a cutie, and immediately regretted not writing Molly’s phone number on his tip! hehe. We won’t be putting the tree up for about a week, otherwise my dad said it will look like Charlie Browns tree by Christmas day. *sad face* I was looking forward to decorating! My mom has done a great job of decorating inside already. I asbolutely love this time of the year, I think because it means everyone will be home together for a good amount of time, that is my abosolute favorite. I’m counting down the days…Here are some pictures from our Christmas tree outing:

Tomorrow I have color class at the salon, and I have the pleasure of coloring one of my all time favorite womens hair….Regina! Regina is a good family friend and I would consider her to be like an Aunt to me. I’m excited to spend the time with her because I know for sure it will be filled with laughs. Looks like tomorrows shaping up to be another great day, if only Molly decided to stay a few days longer………..


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” -Dr. Seuss


7 thoughts on “Born like sisters to this world

  1. I LOVE MY HAIR!! And for the record, the funky colors are manic panic 😛 Thank your mom again for the nice home cooked meal, even though you ate all the tots. Love you girl, thanks again!

    1. it was so nice to see you!! Your hair looks awesome. Love it up in the pony!! Glad you stayed for dinner with us and the Advent Lighting!! hehe Godbless

  2. I wish I could’ve stayed a few days longer!So jealous of Regina today! Wish it was me getting pampered! j9’s hair is looking FABU .. LURVE IT!!! & you too!!

  3. Janines hair came out Fab!!! You really are great with the color, cant wait till my turn next week, however I ll take a raincheck on the pink&purple hues..I dont want to go from Patrick calling me “Big Red” to “Barney” or who knows what?! Keep up the good wrk sweetie! Luvu Godbless!

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