“Gratitude is the Attitude”

In honor of Thanksgiving today I’d like to do a post on everything I am grateful for. Don’t let today be the only day you aknowledge all your blessings…remember everyday how blessed you are and your worries won’t seem that bad. What are you thankful for?

First off, family, because I would not be where I am or who I am with out them.

(Picture from Thanksgiving, 2006!)

My boyfriend Brian, because he makes me a better person, and can make me laugh more than anyone!

(Picture from last night)

My pursuit of……

My freedom and the very special people who fight to protect it, a very special thanks to:

Christopher Florea

Matthew Plumacher

Rory Grosso

Colonel Richard Piscal (with his daughter, my friend, Danielle)

Also to: Hayden & Jake Piscal, thanks for all you do!


My grandpa, A.K.A. my roommate/best friend. Thank you for all the stories you share with me about Nana, all the meals we get to share, all of our ice cream dates, our arguments about O’Reilly, our races to see who can guess the answer on Jeopardy, all the weird birthday cards with cats on them, I love you and am so grateful I get to spend so much time with you.

My talents and my education, specifically Sassoon Academy which has changed my life:

(Picture from ISSE Hair show, January 2010.)

My friends:

Billy & I, I love ya Behl.

Chris, Barbs, & John

Janine, findingmyphocus


Holly & William


My dog Lola, for always being happy to see me:

And for all the food we are blessed with:

more specifically, thanks to Molly:

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving today!



4 thoughts on ““Gratitude is the Attitude”

  1. yahh you welcome gurrl, i ate a few on those rainbow cooks this mornin! hope there are some left for you!! eek! 🙂 love you! thanks for being an awesome big scissor!!!

  2. Im so Thankful for you, our little SUNSHINE! Terrific job on this post! You are such a blessing to all who know you. We luvu! Godbless!

  3. Love love love you, I’m so thankful you’re still in my life! Highschool seems like it was just yesterday, I cannot believe it’s been almost 5 years. Keep up the good workkkkk you’re my little hair dresser ❤

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