Change is good.

I recently came across some pictures of myself that are very, very unflattering. Looking at these pictures, I can’t believe how much I’ve changed in a year and a half. Seriously my life has changed so much, and apparently, thank God, so has my appearance. I say this because I was about 20 pounds heavier and I just look so unhealthy. OK, enough about putting myself down, I look great now. Which is why I’d like to be a little narcissistic now and do a post about myself and my transformation since beauty school. Sassoon was good to me.

I started off at Sassoon with my hair just about below my chest. While introducing myself to my fellow classmates and the rest of the school I told everyone how excited I was to change my hair drastically. Which I waited very impatiently to do. Finally my opportunity came. Don, one of our teachers who now heads the Chicago Academy, used me as a demo model for an advance class. My hair looked awesome when I got out of there and it was a much needed change. Don cut about 8 inches off and I had an asymmetrical bob with blunt fringe. It was hott but unfortunately did not last long. My teachers couldn’t wait to get their hands on me, everyone of them wanted to cut my hair shorter and shorter. Which they eventually got to do, one by one they made me shorter. After Don, my next hair cut was by an advance student in Traci’s class. This cut was not that drastic, it was just a shorter version of what Don did. Then in December after my hair cut had grown a little unruly, Sally, one of my most favorite teachers told me I was in need of cutting it off and going short. She said that I just haaaaad to do it. Sally is one of the coolest people I know, so I just haaaad to listen to her. And I’m glad I did. Sally used me for my class’s demo, so everyone in my Gold group got to watch. I loved my cut, but like the last two it just didn’t last that long. At this point my hair was short enough that I just didn’t care how much shorter it got, as long as my fringe was still a little long. So, I got hair cuts very frequently, each time going a little shorter.

Now, after having short hair for almost a year I am ready to try to grow it a little longer again. I loved my short hair but I work in a salon where all these girls come in with long, full, beautiful hair and I just want it back! Also, I really want to go red, like Emma Stone, but don’t think I can pull it off with this short hair. With that all said, I’d like to share some pictures of my transformation……..Enjoy!

Week 1 of Sassoon Academy.

First haircut by Don.

December 2009, cut by Sally.

I’m finally a blonde!


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