This year Rihanna has definitely been my biggest hair icon. Within my first 2 months at beauty school I cut about 10 inches off my hair and kept going shorter until I was rockin a similar cut to Rihanna’s, at her shortest. Looks like its time for a change… Rihanna took Times Square, Monday, showing off some serious length. To be honest, I’m not a fan of one length, waist long hair…however, my Riri, she can do no wrong, so I’ll pretend to agree with this. The Ronald McDonald red hair? That I can get into. I don’t mind the boldness, and it’s the fact that she is the “only girl in the world” who could pull the color off that really makes it work! To match the boldness of her new hair, Rihanna performed wearing a tribal pattern blazer along with tight white shorts and black tights. You can see video of Rihanna’s performance here:

Riri whippin her hair real hard.


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