Inspiration from a four year old.

I want to start a blog for myself. Kind of like a diary…that is public. I wish I had started this blog last September, when I was just starting out in the hair industry. My career path changed in a matter of minutes, just by meeting the right person. Last August 2009 I met Clancy. Clancy is the Regional Color Director for Sassoon USA, yes as in Vidal Sassoon. Within a few days Clancy had me enrolled at the Sassoon Academy and I was on my way from Long Island to Santa Monica, California. I made the big move on September 13,2009 and started my 1600 hour cosmetology course on September 15,2009. It was the most amazing experience and I can’t believe it went by so fast. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities on this blog to talk about my many amazing experiences while I was at Sassoon. I graduated July 14, 2010 and moved home a few days later.  I started my first salon job on September 24, 2010. I can’t wait to share all my stories and inspiration and eventually start to post how to videos.

I’d like to end my first post with an incredibly adorable video my friend Kaiti posted on facebook. This little French girl is making up her own fairy tale and I can’t help but crack up every time she says crocodile. At four years old she is rocking a bob with blunt bangs, so Sassoon of her! I’m currently in the process of growing out my modified pixie cut and this little girls hair is my biggest inspiration right now! I love it!


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